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Davidson's Stamp Service Standing Order Subscription Form

Singles, sets and souvenir sheets will be furnished.
Specify any other requirements, e.g. booklets.

If you wish, you may charge your purchases!
As an option to sending you a bill and you mailing us a check, we also accept Visa and
MasterCard from our standing order clients on purchases of $25 or more. If you wish to avail
yourself of this convenient (and optional) payment method, simply provide the information
requested below, carefully read the authorization statement, sign and date where indicated, and
return the form to us for processing (don’t forget to complete the reverse side as well). We’ll do the rest.

Note: Effective June 1, 2023, and due to increasing merchant fees we pay for credit
card transactions, we are obliged to charge a Convenience Fee equal to 3% of the value of any
transaction charged to your credit card.

YES! I want to take advantage of your optional credit card payment method. I have provided all
of the information requested above. I authorize you to charge the value of future purchases of $25.00
or more, including shipping charges, to the credit card number shown above, unless I have made other
arrangements with you. I understand that this charge authorization will be valid for the credit card
described above and for all expiration date extensions thereof, unless authorization to charge the
credit card is revoked by me in writing. I also understand that any charge to my credit card account is
subject to acceptance by the credit card company and agree to pay, by personal check or money
order, the full value of any charge, should the charge transaction be refused by the credit card
company for any reason.

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